The Las Positas Mutual Water Company (LPMWC) is a non-profit utility that delivers water to 65 properties in a unincorporated area surrounded by the city of Santa Barbara. The area is southwest of the intersection of Las Positas and Modoc Road and east of Veronica Springs Road. LPWMC has provided water for this area since 1947.

LPMWC is a non-profit corporation owned by its customers. Each property served has shares in the corporation, the number of which depends on the area of the property.

LPMWC Board of Directors

(Elected by Shareholders)

Jeff Childers - President

Dan Higgins - Secretary

Rick Dononvan

Layne Wheeler

John Holehouse


Treasurer (appointed)

[contact for financial/billing questions]

Alice Donovan

(805) 682-6848


Facilities Manager

[contact for water delivery problems]

Mike Stephens

Stephens Well & Water Services

4755 El Carro Lane

Carpenteria, CA 93013

805  684-1303

Cell: 805 680-8054

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23 June 2018